Our company is one of the most reliable and stable distributors and installers of Solar Panels in the country.  Beginning in year 2012, we have been installing and maintaining solar panels and promoting the use of solar energy as an alternative to traditional but harmful energy generated from fossil fuels.

The German research, technology, design and engineering that went into the production of our solar panels assure the customer of a dependable, energy efficient, portable and cost effective product that is suitable for both residential and commercial uses. Our expertise in solar panel installation is an additional benefit for prospective solar energy users, and our long history in the distribution of our solar panel equipment makes us valuable partners in your switch from traditional energy sources to clean, efficient, and cheap solar power.
We are always ready to guide you and help you utilize a cheaper, cleaner, and better way to generate power. Call us now and find out how easy it is to save your money and save the earth.






Engr. Gerardo J. Tolentino


The first and foremost advantage of using solar panels is that the energy it generates does not emit any greenhouse gases. It does not produce smoke, gas, or other chemical by-products.

Another advantage is that beyond initial installation and maintenance, solar energy is 100% free. It does not need expensive raw materials like coal or oil, and does not require additional labor, because once the sun comes up, your energy source is already there, and you are good to go. Compared to electricity generated using traditional fuels, solar energy is a so much cleaner and a lot cheaper.

Because no additional raw materials are needed, no extra labor is required, and no special equipment need to be obtained, solar panels will ultimately free you from the costs associated with using traditional energy sources. As the cost of materials for producing solar panels continue to decrease, so will the amount of your savings continue to increase.